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Are You Ready for National Train Your Dog Month – January 2023?

For the tenth annual National Train Your Dog Month, the Association of Professional Dog Trainers will promote training the family dog with everyday manners – the behaviors found in the APDT’s Canine Life and Social Skills program!

The APDT’s National Train Your Dog Month® Licensing & Sponsorships

We hope everyone participates in the APDT’s National Train Your Dog Month® and helps to spread the word about it.

We appreciate everyone who helps to spread the message that training your dog can be fun, positive, and full of many benefits for you and your pooch.

Please remember that media announcements, press releases, etc. promoting your participation in the event should properly cite the event name as the Association of Professional Dog Trainer’s National Train Your Dog Month® in the first paragraph.

Promoting is encouraged, however, advertising requires permission.

Please note, you need the APDT’s permission before using National Train Your Dog Month® events to advertise or promote specific products or services offered by your company. The APDT encourages all trainers, shelters, pet owners and others to participate in the campaign, but commercial use of the event name or identity in advertising or promotion requires a license from the APDT, for obvious reasons.

Sponsorship opportunities are available for companies that are a good fit with the National Train Your Dog Month® mission.

If you’re interested in that, we’ll be happy to fill you in on licensing and sponsorship opportunities.

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