25 Uses for Down

  1. Down for a veterinary exam.
  2. Down for husbandry tasks such as clipping back nails.
  3. Down as emergency cue when dog is running off or toward danger.
  4. Down stay while family eats a meal.
  5. Down stay on a mat away from door when visitors enter home.
  6. Down stay when encountering something you need to go deal with (e.g., something dangerous like a snake, helping someone who’s fallen down).
  7. Down stay while dinner is being prepared.
  8. Down stay while working with another dog in the house.
  9. Down stay while you are doing sit ups or yoga.
  10. Down stay while you are getting the children ready to leave for school.
  11. Down stay when being petted by small children.
  12. Down on a mat with a bone or chew toy when the family wants to relax in the evening.
  13. Down stay can discourage some dogs from barking at other dogs, such as in a training class.
  14. Down to prevent your dog from running off.
  15. Down at the door to stop your dog from jumping on guests.
  16. Down at the door to prevent your dog rushing out when you open it.
  17. Down and roll on his side for grooming.
  18. Down and relax while you’re watching TV or using your computer.
  19. Down and relax while you visit with friends and relatives.
  20. Down stay to prevent your dog being underfoot when you’re working in the kitchen/busy.
  21. Down stay at family gatherings such as birthday parties.
  22. Down stay at outdoor events such as kids’ soccer games.
  23. Down stay on a walk when you stop to pick up after your dog.
  24. Down to teach the “rollover” trick.
  25. Down to teach the “play dead/go to sleep” trick.
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