25 Uses for Sit

  1. Sit at the door when guests enter (no jumping up!)
  2. Sit to have leash and collar put on before going out.
  3. Sit when front door opens for walk until released to move forward.
  4. Sit in the kitchen to avoid counter surfing.
  5. Sit while food is being served at the dinner table.
  6. Sit while bowls are being put on the ground to prevent rushing and spilling the bowl.
  7. Sit before getting in the car so you can load it first.
  8. Sit when you open the car door so your dog doesn’t jump out into traffic.
  9. Sit at sidewalk curbs to wait until it’s safe to cross the street.
  10. Sit and look at you instead of barking at other dogs on a walk.
  11. Sit to prevent your dog from running off.
  12. Sit while you get your keys out at the front door.
  13. Sit to clip nails on front paws.
  14. Sit at the top/bottom of a staircase so you don’t trip over your dog.
  15. Sit before owner throws favorite toy. Repeat for each toss.
  16. Sit before taking down the baby gate or other management barrier, or before coming out of the crate.
  17. Sit calmly to have front feet dried off in rain/muddy weather.
  18. Sit patiently while owner pets or treats other dogs in the household.
  19. Sit stay while owner pays for items at the pet supply store.
  20. Sit stay while others pass by when you’re on an off-leash hike.
  21. Sit stay to keep dog from getting over-stimulated by any exciting situation.
  22. Sit to give a “high 5” trick.
  23. Sit to do the “say your prayers” trick.
  24. Sit to do the “sit up and beg” trick.
  25. Sit stay on a walk when you stop to pick-up after your dog.
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