20 Uses for Wait/Stay

  1. Wait/stay to keep dog from jumping into or out of the car before you’re ready for him to.
  2. Wait/stay to keep dog from rushing out the front door.
  3. Wait/stay to keep dog from counter surfing in your kitchen.
  4. Wait/stay before released to eat meal you’ve presented.
  5. Wait/stay at dog park for you to unclip leash to let dog run.
  6. Wait/stay at doorways when needed (e.g., to back yard).
  7. Wait/stay at the top/bottom of stairs prevents your dog from tripping you.
  8. Wait/stay prevents your dog jumping up on guests.
  9. Wait/stay prevents your dog from “taking candy from the baby”.
  10. Wait/stay puts your dog in a relaxed “down” during your dinner.
  11. Wait/stay while you put on your dog’s leash and collar before a walk.
  12. Wait/stay prevents your dog getting to something you drop, such as a chicken bone.
  13. Wait/stay to help teach your dog self control.
  14. Wait/stay to keep your dog from rushing other people or dogs.
  15. Wait/stay while allowing another dog or person to pass by.
  16. Wait/stay on a walk when you stop to pick up after your dog.
  17. Wait/stay while owner pays for items at the pet supply store.
  18. Wait/stay to keep dog from getting over-stimulated by any exciting situation.
  19. Wait/stay to keep your dog from rushing into the house before you can clean his paws from a muddy or wet back yard, or after he’s jumped in the pool and he’s all wet!
  20. Wait/stay allows you to enter through a doorway first, useful if you’re carrying something such as bags of groceries and you don’t want to have dogs underfoot in the doorway!
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